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Nude beaches close to where you live. in Stockholm and close to the capital there are plenty of official and non-official nude beaches. Several of the places to go nude swimming can be accessed by public transport. In addition to that, Stockholm offers plenty of opportunities to skinny dipping anywhere.


Stockholm Långholmen.

Nude bath in the middle of Stockholm. Beautiful spontaneous naturist bath on cliffs in Lake Mälaren in the central town. Many nude bathers are also hanging out here evenings and late nights. A hideaway spot near Stockholm city. The place lacks all amenities.

Getting there:

Take the subway to Hornstull, bus 54 to Högalidsgatan or bus 40 or 66 to Bergsund beach. You can park about 200 meters from the beach. About 10 minutes walk from metro and bus


Stockholm Brunnsviken.

Brunnsviken is a spontaneous nude bath near the Botanical Institute at the University north of Stockholm. Rock bath with ledges below the high northern cape. The bath lacks amenities such as trash cans, toilets, drinking water etc. The bath is not suitable for small children.

Getting there:

Metro to the University or Roslagsbanan or bus from Odenplan. Then five to ten minutes walk. Parking for the car-borne is 200 meters from the bath.


Stockholm Svärdsön.

Nude bathing in the Baltic Sea. Spontaneous rock bath in Erstaviken, south of Saltsjöbaden. The swimming area has no amenities. Trash cans and toilet trolleys are located at the boatyard a few hundred meters from the beach.

Getting there:

Saltsjöbanan from Slussen to Solsidan or bus to Älgö to Svärdsön. Walkway to the bath begins at the boatyard on Älgövägen. There is also car parking.


Stockholm Ågesta.

Ågesta's official nude bath is located on the south side of the Magelungen near Farsta and Södertörn. The bathing place is owned and operated by Stockholm municipality. Here are all the amenities for a naturist: barbecue with table and fixed benches, drinking water, toilets and trash cans.

How to get there

Lake Maglungen south of Farsta. From Vidjavägen take the Bonäsvägen. Parking a hundred meters from the beach. Bus lines 742 and 833 stop on Rödmossevägen, 500 meters from the beach. The nearest metro is Farsta Strand.


Åkersberga Breviksbadet.

Swim naked in the Breviksbadet, an official naturist bath on the Baltic Sea five kilometers east of Åkersberga. The bathing place is owned and operated by the municipality of Österåkers. The nude bath consists of a few cliffs and a small sandy beach within an otherwise textile beach. Toilet and garbage can are provided, but no drinking water. Near the textile bath is café

Getting there:

About 250 meters to walk from the parking lot to the bath.

The nearest bus stop is about 10 minutes away.

Drottningholm Kärsön

Stockholm Kärsön

The bath is a spontaneous nude bath on a cape in the northern part of Kärsön in Lake Mälaren near the Royal Drottningholm castle. There might come a prince or princess without clothes, who knows. The bath is not adapted for toddlers. No toilets, trash cans or drinking water are available.

Getting there:

Bus from Brommaplan towards Drottningholm to Brostugan on Kärsön. There is also parking at the cafe. The nude bath is located just over a kilometer north from Brostugan.

Södertälje Lövnäs

Södertälje Lövnäsbadet.

Lövnäsbadet is an official nude bath about 18 kilometers west of Södertälje, half a mile south of Nykvarn in Lake Yngern. The bathing place is owned and operated by the municipality of Södertälje. The beach is divided into a textile and a nude beach. This is in the shade of tall trees in the morning. Sandy beach which is well suited for smaller children. There is a garbage can and toilet but no drinking water.

Getting there:

About 150 meters from the parking lot to the beach. If you come by bus, it is about 5 minutes walk to the bath.

Södertälje Tullan

Södertälje Tullan.

Tullan is a lake northwest of Södertälje for spontaneous nude swimming. The bathing area is at the north end of the lake. A rock bath without any amenities.

Getting there:

Take bus 760 or 761 from Södertälje Centrum to Morabergsvägen where you go towards Kolbotten. About a hundred before the farm, you take the path to the right across a field and into the forest. At the lake you go south. The entire walk takes like15 minutes.

Nacka PGs UDDE

Nacka PGs Udde Källtorp.

Källtorpssjön in Nacka has two spontaneous nude baths. Opposite the farm Källtorp you will find a rock bath which is not so suitable for smaller children. In the northern part of the lake is another rock bath at PG's Cape. Baden lacks amenities such as toilet, garbage can and drinking water. Such is found at Hellasgården.

Getting there:

Bus from the lock towards Älta. Get off at Snörom. Go right along the lake. Car parking a little north of the farm Källtorp. PG's Cape can be found via a footpath from Hellasgården.

Nacka Glasbruksudden

Nacka Glasbruksudden. Glasbrukssjön in Nacka municipality is a spontaneous nude bath in the northwestern part of the lake. The bath is a rock bath that is not very child - friendly. All amenities such as toilets, bins and drinking water are missing

Get there: Take bus 444, 446 or 422 from Slussen. In the center of Björknäs, change to bus 413 and go to the final stop Strömvägen. By car, take Talluddsvägen from Centralplan to just after you have passed Skurusundet to the east. You have about 500 meters to walk from the parking or bus stop.

Öregrund Tallaparksbadet

Öregrund Tallparksbadet.

At Tallparksbadet a few kilometers outside Öregrund, the nude baths enjoy soft rocky beaches and a small sandy beach in beautiful nature. "Only I get to swim without clothes and in the sea I am satisfied, so I put a coin on Tallparksbadet," says a satisfied surveyor in Uppsala New Journal.

Getting there:

Take-off road towards the tennis courts at the entrance to Öregrund. From the parking lot it is a hundred meters to walk.

Uppsala Ramsen

.Uppsala Ramsen.

The naturist bath on Lake Ramsen is a favorite for many nude bathers in and around Uppsala. Fresh water, beautiful scenery, plus the wood-fired sauna boat for six people who can be hired for their own adventures out on the lake.

Getting there:

Lake Ramsen is located about fifteen kilometers east of Uppsala. Take road 282 from Uppsala towards Almunge to Fjällnora leisure farm and the parking lot there. From here you take a path to the nude bath which is half a mile south of the leisure yard.

Strängnäs Ältaren

Strängnäs Ältaren

A small lake in the southern idyll between Strängnäs and Malmköping. Despite its smallness, the lake offers alternative bathing places, with and without clothes, with and without rocks. Many nude bathers prefer the cliffs on the northern shore.

Getting there:

Lake Ältaren is located at road 55 just north of Björndammen, two miles north of Malmköping and about as far south of Strängnäs. The lake is quite close to the road, a parking is 75 meters from the road on the left if you come from Strängnäs. From the car park you walk about 200 meters.