Nude beaches in Skane



Where to find nude beaches in Skane

Tips on sea bathing where you bathe naked in Skåne and southern Sweden. Some official nudity baths, others a little more informal. But all equally as beautiful. Take a Sunday with your family or your friend and enjoy the Scanian summer baths.

Skanör The Swan Reef on the northern tip of Skanör offers a several kilometer long and wonderful sandy beach with the right soft sand and lovely bath for anyone who wants to feel the sun and salt water right on the skin. The bath is very well visited, on a sunny summer day it can be difficult to find separated areas if you prefer. Otherwise there is community and fun here, in addition to proximity to the more organized nudity in the naturist association Svan Reef and naturist camp Solhejdan.

How to get there:

By car, traffic stop Vellinge south towards Skanör. Continue the same road through Höllviken to the T-junction with Mellangatan. turn right and after a few hundred meters left on Hamngatan towards Skanör harbor where you park. Then a walk a few hundred meters north. Show bigger map

Ribersborg / Malmö. The biggest advantage of the Ribersborg bath's nude section, furthest west on the beach, is the easy access and location near the city. As a natural experience, it has its limitations, but the new placement of the bath at least offers well-developed surfaces for sunbathing, even with protection and a lovely bathing jetty with deep water directly, so nothing for young children. A kiosk and toilet are nearby.

How to get there:

From central Malmö west towards Limhmansvägen. Follow this in a southwesterly direction to the roundabout at Gejersgatan. Take the right there, over the railroad track and then right. Walk across the lawn and then you will find the naked bath at jetty 10. Bus 32 to Nordmannagatan also works.

Knahaken, Helsingborg. Nice sandy beach half a mile from Helsingborg and a few kilometers north of Råå. The child-friendly beach is about 200 m long and extends from the jetty in the south to the stone pier at Knähaken fishing port in the north. Clean and tidy for the most part, the bath operated by the municipality of Helsingborg is cleaned and reviewed daily.

How to get there: Here you come if you drive off from Planteringsvägen and follow Högastensgatan out to the sea. Naturistbadet is on the right and Råå Vallar on the left. There is plenty of parking. You can also get here by bus.

Backåkra Sandhammaren

Biggest, best and most beautiful, at least for those who like soft sand, sun and glittering seas and don't need a kiosk within sight. Kiosk is available by all means but the beach is three kilometers long with lovely sandy beach and dunes and plenty of space for everyone. Just shallow for smaller children, just deep for adults. It doesn't get any better than this. Sometimes pure surfing waves are formed here as only they make the bath a little extra fun. Show bigger map

How to get there:

From the coastal road Ystad-Simrishamn take the Sandhammaren until the parking lot on the right after the cafe and kiosk. Continue in the same direction on foot. After a few hundred meters, nudity begins to increase. The beach can be reached from the other direction via the take-off road to Backåkra. Follow the road a few kilometers to small parking pockets, then walk down to the sea on paths in the small forest.

Ängelholm. A wide beautiful sandy beach in the west. with dunes and soft fine sand, surrounded by the sea and pine forest. Here you can find shelter and privacy, but at the same time many people and good fellowship a wonderful summer day. And take the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mighty Kullaberg in the south.

How to get there: Follow the signs "the beach" and "Råbocka camping" in Ängelholm. Park at the campsite and go left, after a few hundred meters the nude baths are getting more and more and it is free to throw off all clothes.

Landskrona / Ålabodarna. A favorite place for anyone who loves free nature and beautiful views. The beach is about a kilometer long, alternating coarse-grained sand and pebbles. Here, the depth is relatively fast and perhaps not directly something for the little ones, also because the sand can be a bit volatile.

How to get there: Exit towards Glumslöv from E6 north of Landskrona. In Glumslöv follow signs Örenäs / Ålabodarna. Park in Ålabodarna and follow the beach north to the sign "nude bath" on a cliff.

Ystad Sandskog. A narrow, sloping sandy beach with dunes and pits for shelter and privacy. Fine white sand near the sea that gets deep here quite quickly. The nude beach is about 500 meters long and forms part of the several kilometer long sandy beach that stretches from central Ystad to Kåseberga.

How to get there: Take the coast road from Ystad east to the first parking lot after Fredriksberg. Go right from the parking lot and then follow the path to the left. 

Kristianstad / Yngsjö

Long and shallow beach. When the waves go high there is a risk of undercurrents, but otherwise it is a lovely coastal section, clean and tidy, soft and beautiful sandy beach. Fresh water that can sometimes turn into cold, but very bath-friendly for all ages. Trash can and toilet are near the beach, but no drinking water.

 Åhus / Fårabäck. A spontaneous nude bath on a fine sandy beach. Pretty shallow. Dunes provide shelter and some privacy in the north of the beach.

How to get there:

Located about three kilometers north of Åhus. Drive towards Åhus camping and follow the road towards "Summer Colony". Drive past the colony until the road turns sharply to the left where a gate to the "Rinkaby shooting range" is hopefully open. Park at the far end of the parking lot and enter the pine forest on the other side an open space, and down to the sea. First comes an area that is often used as a hundredth place, then comes the nude bath.

Karlskrona / Almö. A lovely place to jump naked in to the water. The place is not big but very beautiful, with a nice view of Karlskrona. The sand is hard packed, and it gets deeper in a perfectly adequate way. Child-friendly beach, otherwise most cliffs. Toilets are available and the possibility of camping a maximum of 2 days.

How to get there:

From Karlskrona take the E22 towards Malmö, turn towards Hasslö. About two kilometers after the golf course you turn left at a small white sign with the text HAJVAR where there is a large parking lot. Walk towards the sea (on the same side where you parked) over a fence about 250 m. You have come right when you see Karlskrona.