Nude beaches Greece



Nude beaches in the Greek Archipelago

Smooth sand, sparkling crystal clear water

There are nudist paradises all over Greece and the Greek Archpelago. Nearly every island has a secluded cove, a part of a beach or even the entire beach for sun lovers with or without clothes. Find your own paradise where you can swim naked.

Nudity seems to be more accepted on smaller islands, although almost all the islands have their nude beaches, official or unofficial.

   Sometimes you have to walk a short distance away from the major tourist beach to find your naked paradise.

   And there is never any trouble to undressing if you find your own little hidden bay with smooth sand, sparkling crystal clear water and maybe 

little shadowed cave to rest in when the sun burns and the heat rises in the after noon.

   But: nudity is prohibited. Sometimes you can see signposts with "Nudism Strictly Forbidden". In reality, no one cares about the signs and authorities would like to see a blind eye to violations of these rules.

    On many islands there are official nude beaches. 

Aegiali for nudism

Aegiali Beach


One of the Greek islands absolute pearl. Not as famous as a resort, but well known from the movie "The Big Blue" that were filmed here. Egiali is the largest village in the north of Amorgos.

    Close to the villages Aegiali in the north and Katapola in the middle of the island there are lovely small beaches across the bay. You can take a litle boat from the port, there are one in each of the village ports.

You are rewarded with a long lovely beach where swimsuit is optional. A few minutes walk towards the cliffs you will find the most delicate small bays with sand and rocks where most of the visitors enjoy the sun and the sea totally naked.

Thera are a lot of small secluded and sometimes rocky small places for skinny diving. Agia Anna for exampel, on the east coast.

Nudists paradises in Crete

Crete is known for its incredibly picturesque and often secluded beaches where you can be nude the whole day.

Filaki Beach, Crete

Filaki at Chora Sfakion is one of those that stand out among a tough crowd. It is secluded enough to be private; at the end of a long, winding road and partially hidden by an overhanging cliff. It comes with plenty of sun beds, umbrellas and of course a snack bar. Filaki prides itself on being the only “Official” nude beach of Crete. 


Nudity is actually so accepted in the area that just down the road is the nudist friendly Hotel Vritomartis. While it is a fine beach, it is conveniently located close to a number of other nude-friendly beaches. Need more nude? A local tavern is noted as having almost completely nude clientele, some of which simply walk direct to and from the beach, to their cars and back without getting dressed. A nudist’s paradise, Filaki Beach in Greece is a standout on the list.

This secluded shore on the south side of Crete is a hotspot for nude sunbathing in Greece.

Named after its ocher-colored sand and cliffs, Red Beach (or Kokkini Ammos) is reached via a 20-minute hike from Matala or a very short boat ride from the village waterfront.

Pioneered by Euro hippies during the 1960s, the beach offers chair and umbrella rentals and is home to a funky little bar called Yiannis that's renowned for its mojitos.

Note: the mysterious rock carvings at the end of the beach are a modern creation and definitely not ancient Minoan relics.

Red Beach, Crete