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Bellevue Beach; Klampenborg, Denmark

At Bellevue Beach, you can venture over to the topless-only section for a reprieve from the R-rated fully nude beach. Why you’d do that, though, if you’re at a nudist beach in the first place, is beyond us. 

Bellevue Beach

Klampenborg, Denmark
During the summer months, Bellevue Beach is the antithesis of a nude beach full of uninhibited retirees: It's a hotspot for younger, rowdier Danes who come from nearby towns looking to party. One half of the beach is strictly topless-optional, while the other welcomes fully nude revelers -- it should be immediately clear which one's the fun half. Both!

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Bathing naked almost everywhere in Denmark

In Denmark, it is allowed and completely accepted to bathe naked on all beaches.

In any case, as long as you show consideration for other bathers on the beach. All of Denmark is practically framed by sandy beaches in all directions, often coherent and well-suited to baths with or without clothes.

On beaches where everyone has swimwear, one should respect the "reindeer" and perhaps stay at a suitable distance from other bathers.

Here are tips on some of the more established nude beaches in Denmark.

TIP # 1 • Lökeshöj. A stone's throw from the scenic coastal road Strandveien north from Copenhagen, at the height of Klampenborg, lies Lökeshöj Strand, a wonderfully secluded beach bath, well hidden from the busy Strandveien. Naknast becomes the beach a little north. Sandy beach, lots of people, but everyone is welcome. A little further north, between Lyngby and Rubjerg Knude there is a very popular beach where the nude games become a bit more advanced in the form of hang-gliding in just the brass.

Check out the map:

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TIPS # 2 • Hundige Strand. In the southern suburbs of Copenhagen, the sandy beaches are close. Hundige Strand offers lovely dunes with soft sand and fresh bathing water and many bathers who seem to think that life can only be lived without clothes. Despite the proximity to the big city, it is a quiet and restful nude beach.


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Tip 3 • Thurø Rev.Near Svendborg on Funen there is the nude bath Thurø Rev or Revet which the locals call the bath. Here are two nice beaches in different directions, one can always find a place. Here there is peace and quiet, the beaches are a bit away from the highways and no major tourist flows can be found here. Mainly sandy beach, but can be a bit mixed with stone. Map:

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TIP # 4 • Stänghus. Between Tisvilde and Liseleje on Zealand's north-west coast is one of the absolutely best naked beaches in Denmark. Just over half a mile of beach, at the beginning (if you come from Stænghus or Tisvildsleje want to say) mixed naked and dressed, then wholeheartedly on a long stretch where the beach is "lovely" all the way with dunes and small hills on the edge between the sandy beach and the meadows. The beach ends with a small "gay department" in the north east, which families largely avoid. A little tricky to find there, but check out the map here that can be scaled:

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TIP # 5 • Bröndby Strand. The northernmost part of Köge bay south of Copenhagen you will find Denmark's most metropolitan nude beach. Here you can come by S-train from central Köpehahamn, get off at Bröndby Station a few kilometers from the beach. Wide, lovely beach. Here you can choose privacy or be in the middle of the batter. You can expect a bit of urban nudity with exhibitionist elements, but there are always sections where families with children can enjoy themselves. Map:

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TIP # 6 • Feddet. In the bay of Fakse with Næstved as the nearest major town in southern Zealand, there are nude baths Feddet. Naturists meet with camping guests at the large campsite next door, but there is room for everyone. A good place if you want a relaxing moment on a naked beach on the way to or from Germany, Feddet is close to the E47 / 45. This is a private area and the sandy and grassy beaches are completely liberated from those that come just to scout. The campsite attracts tourists from all over Europe and even the nude part of the beach offers a relaxed and convivial international atmosphere. Map:

TIP # 7 • Skagen. Skagen nordstrand is located near the town at the northernmost tip of Denmark. A lovely beach with fresh water, lots of space to spread out on and lovely sandy beach. Map:

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TIP # 8 • Due Odde. On Bornholm, the naturist life flourishes and many of the beaches are characterized by unforced nakedness. Due Odde in the south-east corner is perhaps the most famous naked beach. Especially the stretch west of the lighthouse is the paradise of the naked bathers, lovely sand and clear water. Many Germans and Swedes, but there is room for everyone.